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A good home must be created, not bought or settled for. For many, a home is where one finds him or her in peace and is often a place of refuge from the rest of the world. Custom homebuilder and renovation specialist, Shameer Gaidhar, believes that a home is not just the making of four walls but the time spent perfecting it. Every home is built with extreme and well thought out details. He prides himself on being part of the day-to-day activities not only with the homeowners but also on site. He feels it’s important to invest his time ensuring the home is built to its finest quality. Millenium Plus Homes believes in the dreams of its clients and works together with them to not only build it but to create their home into an art of perfection. From the start of the initial consultation till the day you move in, you will deal with the same team ensuring consistency, professionalism and dedication to building your home.


Millenium Plus Homes was established in 1997, and has been successfully bringing to life the dreams of many. Our many years of expertise, coupled with our strong desire to be the top name in quality, custom building, and custom renovations has resulted in Millenium Plus Homes becoming a preferred home developer in Calgary. Millenium Plus Homes has a vast experience and knowledge in new home construction, renovations, and land development. Our continued dedication to quality, workmanship, creativity, and premium service to our clients is the foundation to Millenium’s success.

Millenium Plus Homes began its journey as a show home builder in areas such as Airdrie, Martindale, Panorama Hills, and Sherwood Park to a luxury home builder in the trendy inner city and acreage developments.

While building new homes Millenium completed a profusion of home renovations from custom development, basements to new additions. Over the years Millenium has evolved from being a standard builder/renovator to being a market trend setter in design, quality, and workmanship. At Millenium Plus Homes, we strongly believe that as leaders in the construction industry we also carry a moral responsibility to be environmentally friendly. Our projects are not only glamorous on the surface, but also designed with the latest innovations in energy efficiency.

During the construction boom our core values remained unchanged as we continued on
our path to perfection. This focus on core values encouraged us to expand our plans for
the future.

Millenium Plus Homes success warranted the creation of a division solely dedicated to renovations and basement developments. In 2009 Millenium Plus Homes was honored to have been selected as a FINALIST for the Alberta Awards of Excellence in Housing — Renovations under $125,000.00.

Millenium’s story only expands from there. For the past seven years the owner Shameer Gaidhar has been a very active volunteer on the Canadian Home Builders Association Calgary Region and BILD Calgary Region on the Inner City Advisory Committee. In addition he was asked to chair the committee 4 years ago. This position has opened a range of opportunities to discuss and better the relationship between the industry and the City of Calgary. On multiple occasions Shameer has been called on by multiple City departments for in site and feedback on the processes and ideas for solutions that effect the industry and public. While doing so Shameer was one of the founders of the Best Practices Guide published by the City of Calgary and the Canadian Home Builders Association. This guide is given to every builder in Calgary as to better the relationship between neighbors and builders.

On many occasions Shameer Gaidhar has been an expert panelist, due to his vast knowledge of the industry and trends, for the City of Calgary and BILD Calgary Region.

Millenium Plus Homes finds its self as an industry leader in the development of inner city properties. Their focus has been at expanding at a healthy rate while not compromising their core values, quality, and service. This has been a successful direction and Millenium has been awarded the following awards:

2017 Sam Awards Finalist – Best Town Homes – $550,000 +

2017 Sam Awards Finalist – Best Town Homes – $550,000 +

2017 Sam Awards Finalist – Best Town Homes – $550,000 +

2017 Sam Awards Finalist – Best Town Homes – $550,000 +

2017 Sam Awards Finalist – Best Town Homes – $550,000 +

” 2016 SAM AWARDS WINNER – BEST TOWNHOME $350,000 – $549,999
” 2016 Sam Awards Finalist -Best Villa/ Duplex – $375,000 and over
” 2016 Sam Awards Finalist -Best Town Home $350,000 – $549,999
” 2016 Sam Awards Finalist -Best Town Home $350,000 – $549,999
” 2016 Sam Awards Finalist – Best Town Home $350,000 – $549,999
” 2015 Sam Awards Finalist – Best Town Homes $360,000+
” 2014 Sam Awards Finalist – Best Town Homes $360,000+
” 2014 Sam Awards Finalist – Best Town Homes $360,000+
” 2014 Sam Awards Finalist – Best Villa/Duplex $375,000+

We appreciate the many years of support from Calgary and thank you for making Millenium Plus Homes your first choice in building and renovations. From Design to Completion … Experience You Can Trust.

Thank you,


Shameer Gaidhar
General Manager